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Family and friends sailing

The best way to spend time with family and friends. Luxury, and relaxing way to discover the beautiful Mediterranen islands, culture, gastronomie and much more. 

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Freediving trips and courses

Explore the under water world the most natural way. Beginner, experienced freediver or spearfisher, the Adriatic sea has a lot to offer.

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Sport and activity trips

Sailing is not the only activity we offer. Combine your vacation with road biking, rock climbing, scuba diving or other sport activity that Croatia offers.               

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Introduction into the sailing

If you not sure that sailing is the right thing for you, your family or friends, this option is perfect for you. Step by step introduction of sailing practice and theory in luxury with experienced crew. 


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Captain and crew licenses

Bring your experience to the next level. Get your captain license joining one of our courses or combine your vacation with education and practice to full fill your dream. 


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Experienced crew sailing

Explore new destination and extend your sailing skills. The windy months in Adriatic sea will prove your and your crew sailing experience. Enjoy great sailing with the beauty of the Adriatic coast.  


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Sailing Race

Relax in wonderful nature, far away from everyday routine. Remote islands, breathtaking coves, historic towns and ports, places with lively nightlife: that is where our Saray will bring you. Choose your travel dates and destinations in magnificent Croatia, one of the best places for summer holiday sailing in the world, and we will bring you there. We are offering pre made or custom sailing vacation itineraries for different target groups. Families with children of all ages, groups of friends, experienced sailors looking for adventure and much more.

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