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Boat purchase


As a company that is in sailing and boating business for over 20 years we were able to build our reputation and experience. We did buy many used boats ourselves and are ready to share our knowledge with you. Operating not as a sales motivated broker, we are offering a help to find the right boat, make the pre purchase inspection and give you a clear and honest picture about the real condition of the vessel before you even jump in the plane, spend time and a lot of money to come and see it yourself. We will narrow the options and select the best for you so you can easier decide. Since we will be not sales motivated like the broker you can trust us 100%. We are standing on your side. All what is takes is to contact us and let us know what are you looking for.


Boat repair


As a boat owners we know that every boat needs some unexpected repairs here and there. To be sure that the repair is done right, you need a technician you can trust. We are offering all the boat services you might need to bring your boat back on track. Engine mechanic, electrician, gelcoat or laminate repair, inox work, carpenters, sails makers and much more. All approved by us since all of them are working on our fleet too.


Boat maintenance


Every boat comes with a lot of necessary maintenance every year. Antifouling, engine maintenance and much more. Let us help.


Docking and marina services


If you are looking for marina or a place to dock your boat, short or long term we can assist you and help to finding the right docking place or marina. There is a lot of options but many are impossible to find online. Let us know your preferences and boat dimensions and we will find the best deal for you.


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